The SWWT is organized around three main axes: entrepreneurship, travelling & discovering new cultures and the sharing economy.

1. Entrepreneurship
Participating to Startup Weekends is about meeting people who want to be entrepreneurs in a way. I want to know them and to discover the reasons that pushed them to participate in such events. What are they looking for? Fun, getting out of their daily life, becoming rich…?

2. Travelling & Discovering new cultures
I’m not travelling only for travelling but still… It’s a trip and I love that. I want to learn from others and see how their culture influence their actions and mindset about entrepreneurship. A Startup Weekend in Ireland will certainly be different than a Startup Weekend in Iran! So, why?

3. The sharing economy
What a better way to meet people than sharing? Sharing will be my motto to get from a point A to a point B: hitchhiking, carpooling, couchsurfing, shareating (just made this one up…) are such way to meet people and lower costs!

These 3 axes will be my main road pals. The vision of this trip rely on them and I’ll do everything to share them with you!

Keep it real!
François Gobert
Startup Weekend Globetrotter
Francois Gobert

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