Where to start when the world is yours?

I’m basically depending on Startup Weekend’s organization to travel! Where they will take place, I’ll go! Hopefully, the network is broad: 726 cities already hosted a SW in the world!

Where am I going?

The “Big RoadMap” is quite simple: I want to try to go on the five main continents (Europe, Asia, Oceania, North & South America and Africa).
Update: Oceania and Africa are now out of the trip for time and budget issues… However, I’ll see you later guys 😉
I’ll spend around 9 months on the road!

6 thoughts on “RoadMap

  1. Coool continue, je suis tes periples Félicitation pour votre 1ere place… Superbe aventure

    Ps: moi suis à Bali, ils vont bientôt organiser un SW.. Je t’inscris 😉

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  3. Le Startup Weekend Tours, c’est l’occasion revee de tester des idees d’entreprise, de rencontrer vos co-fondateurs potentiels, de construire une communaute d’entrepreneurs a Tours et, pourquoi pas, de lancer votre prochaine startup !

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