Something wrong in our World… Is traveling a key to live together?

When you’re white, French and tall, people will like you anywhere. On one side of the World (Europe, Australia, North America), you will be OK because you look like everyone else and you come from a developed country. So be cool and you’ll make friends. On the other side of the World (Asia, South America from what I know and I heard the same things about Africa so…) you’ll be so different and interesting in most cases. People will stop in the street to talk to you, they will help you as much as they can, and they will receive you with kindness and generosity. They will be pleased to see this white guy coming from a rich country traveling their own country. It will be such a honor to be able to share their culture to you and receive a bit from yourself. Trust me about it… I’ve been there…Kolkata village

Now, let’s take the other way around. You are Indian, an African guy or a Latino and you go in a developed country… Do you think the same things will happen to you going there? In some cases, it will but generally speaking, it won’t. Just take a look at Visa process for example… It is easy to get a Visa for a French to visit most countries in South America and Asia as far as I know… Do you think it is as easy for them to get a Visa to go to Europe? Not really… This is just an example… What about the people? Will they receive you as a friend with honors? Some will… But most will not… because they are afraid! Trust me again, I come from there…Turkish Family

My Turkish friends

It looks like a one way relationship here… When I see those people receiving me as one of them, giving me all the generosity they can give, I feel lucky and sometimes uncomfortable because I know it will be unlikely to be the same for them if they go to my country… However, if they come to my place, they will be received in the same way, that’s for sure!

So, maybe traveling is one of the key to make the World a better place… To build bridge between each other, to tear prejudices down and just to live together… Maybe we would find solutions to the huge migration wave Europe is facing, think about it.Milad Tower 2

My Iranian friends

Don’t let stereotypes and Medias fuck your brain up! Get out and see by yourself! Fear is not good, go over it! Or you’ll just end up sitting in your comfort zone, changing nothing, getting your money, buying your TV, watching it, feeling unsafe because of watching it, building stereotypes and grudges about people and countries you never met and never saw and ending up voting for people with bullshit populism ideas (Trump, Le Pen…). And this is just repeating like a vicious circle… Trust me, I’m seeing the World and meeting these people who rich countries fear… There is nothing to be afraid of… It is just different!Friends SWKol

My Indian friends

I visited about 23 countries so far in North and South America, Europe and Asia. I still have A LOT to see… At the end of this travel, I should reach 35 countries. At the end of my life, I hope to reach as many as possible… Because I believe it is the best way to learn… Just learn… But after learning, you must take actions and try to make some changes!

6 thoughts on “Something wrong in our World… Is traveling a key to live together?

  1. You wrote a very interesting and indicative article buddy. I’ve seen in NZ during my road trip most of things you described. The best advice I can give to you, it’s just KEEP GOING, KEEP LEARNING !!! And you also got the point about one thing : “But after learning, you must take actions and try to make some changes!”. That’s the most important and I know you’ll take and make big decisions and changes. Our crew is proud of you bro !

  2. This is an amazing article!! We definitely have lots to learn from traveling and from every person around us, and after having learnt, take actions and share what we know so other people also change their perspective! I love your initiatives

  3. My little sweety bro I m so proud of you it s a pleasure to see your foto and read your story which are very interesting and amazing
    I miss you but you have to think at your travel even if your family is too far away I hope you take care of you I love you

  4. You remind me this ted talk :

    I truly agree with you, it’s by getting out of your comfort zone that you learn the most but it requires a lot of guts.

    Might sound really cheesy, but I truly believe the key ingredient to change the world is love and empathy. Just giving love to these people who stand with FN / Trump’s ideas, trying to understand them, not stigmatize them for standing with “the bad people”.

    Keep up with your awesome project, I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you that but it’s really inspiring to see you going 🙂

    • Thank you for these good words Laïla! You wrote something very true: “trying to understand them”… This is a key; understanding people… When poletics will understand that, we will get a chance!
      Hope to keep inspiring people as I was inspired before this trip by others 😉
      ps: Article about SWMontréal coming veryyy soon!! 😉

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